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Thread: New vodahost customers website.

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    Default New vodahost customers website.

    Lol haven't posted on this part of the forum for a long while, but here goes.

    I need you to run your critical eyes of a clients website i have done.
    This site is for one of the UK's largest Tile suppliers which i managed to get them to host with Vodahost after designing their Ebay Store.

    though not completely finished like the stores front page and the subcats on the main page are not linked. it would be nice to have many eyes running over it to point out the things i have missed or just look odd lol

    so fire away.

    The site is External Tile Shop

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    Default Re: New vodahost customers website.

    hey, really nice site....only checked the 1st page & found this (probably the text was supplied by your client, right? lol

    Whether you require Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Kitchen tiles, Bathroom tiles, Porcelain tiles, Ceramic tiles, Travertine, Spanish tiles, Italian tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Borders, Mosaic Tiles, Steel (or could that be Teal?) Tiles or even Designer Tiles, We also have our ALL IN DEALS where you can pick up some cheap tiles with Adhesive and Grout all in. At the External Tile Shop we have one of the country's largest ranges of tiles that will enable you to achieve your aspirations whilst providing you with a service which is second to none. With country-wide Delivery
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    Smile Re: New vodahost customers website.

    Nicely done. Good commercial look.
    The page needs a brighter look [a bit dark]

    What it does not show in detail are the products itself.
    The tiles and sizes available,
    Colour, design and texture of the tiles.
    A floor view of each tile [how they look after they are laid]
    A Gallery of Tiles?

    Conclusion: Present page has No customer retention power.
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    Default Re: New vodahost customers website.

    How are you Alien Dude!?
    Really nice site. Congrats!
    Tip: Don´t you like ´justifing´ your text? It looks more centred.


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    Default Re: New vodahost customers website.

    The decision to captalize words is inconsistent, especially on important Terms and Words that probably form you KW Relevancy.
    > For instance, on your first page alone, most of the time the word "Tile" is capitalized, but not always (see below)
    > Also, it is common usage to consider TILE as a category, rather than to mention them as with reference to quantity or volume: you keep mentioning "Ceramic Tiles" rather than the more proper "Ceramic Tile". I would suggest you refer to all tile in the singular rather than the plural, unless comparing them in context: "The 100cm tiles are treated differently than the 50cm tiles, as all designer tile includes a special wear coating."
    > Punctuation is important, especially on your Index page, yes? You have commas instead of periods, and missed other marks. (same example below)

    Pasted From Index:
    Whether you require Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Kitchen tiles, Bathroom tiles, Porcelain tiles, Ceramic tiles, Travertine, Spanish tiles, Italian tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Borders, Mosaic Tiles, Steel Tiles or even Designer Tiles,

    The layout is nice, but I didn't get past the first page, myself. Good to see you still plugging away!
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    Default Re: New vodahost customers website.

    Thanks guys for the valued input,
    The site was meant to be a three page landing site, with links to there other site's, but after showing them the design they decided to turn it into a full site selling all the the items they sell on their Ebay site. which they wanted to have the same same colour scheme and feel to the three pages i'd done lol. ( kinda shot myself in the foot ) so had to install a cart pull it apart and rebuild it, which has taken up most of my time but they've now given it the thumbs up, YAY.

    ahimsa Thanks for that, thought you might of been along, Yeh your right it was.

    zuriatman On the "Brighter Look" lol thats where i shot myself in the foot, like said earlier i throw a design up for three pages problem was they liked it. so have to run with it.
    On the images yeh would be nice as we did put this to them but like they said they stock thousands of different types and would not be possible, but did supply a very large folder with stock images from there pother sites so will go though them and see what we come up with.

    nzbr Lol Not bad could do with a holiday.
    LOL thought it was.

    Eric The text was supplied by them so never noticed, and haven't had time to go back to the front to do any up dates, been stuck in the cart ironing out that part, but now have a little time as the cart is in test mode LOL they keep wanting extra bits added lol so will update what you have mentioned thanks.
    plugging away slowly.

    Ok dudes the carts in test mode so any comments, bugs or things that might be missing on that would be grateful as i'm now blind to it would see it if it hit me. lol

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