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Thread: cant save my page i just made

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    Default cant save my page i just made

    it keeps saying fail to save doc what do i do
    i had to save it as a file instead of a bvd

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    Please confirm that you are in fact using Blue Voda to create a web page, and are trying to SAVE it in Blue Voda prior to publishing it???
    How exactly, are you trying to save it? Describe the method clearly for us ...
    How to ask for assistance

    FILE > SAVE AS > (enter a page title in all lower case letters without spaces) > select "SAVE"
    Review the Tutorial HERE

    It will automatically present you a choice of Folders in Blue Voda to save your page, and then once saved, you will be able to Publish it --- to your VodaHost Hosting Account only.

    If you are trying to save a Blue Voda created page in any other format or outside of the pre-formatted method as detailed above, you will not be able to do so (which prevents it from being published to any other server/hosting account than as provided by VodaHost. PERIOD
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    Default Re: cant save my page i just made

    I'm having the same problem today and I've been successfully using BlueVoda and saving and publishing pages for a year. - What's up? I've tried both the save icon on the toolbar as well as the save and save as on the file edit view etc tool bar below that. All choices are giving me the exact same response: ":failed to save document."
    Even trying to close the file, which gives the automatic "do you wish to save the document message" fails to save. I'm afraid to close the file without saving as I'll lose changes.
    What's up doc?
    using the save button

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