If you wake up and find one day that your website isn’t showing anymore in Google, you have been a victim of a Google Ban. This is the worst thing that can happen to your website, especially if you are running a business through your site. Several factors can trigger a Google Ban. Here is a list of ways you can keep your website on Google’s good side.

1. Make sure your have the best uptime possible for your website. This means you must have reliable web hosting. If Google visits your website and it is not up, you may risk Google banning you site.

Do not use spamming techniques to promote your website. This will almost definitely lead to condemnation of your website for at least 6 months. Never use “black hat” methods like doorways, hidden text or cloaking. You are only setting yourself up for disaster.

3. Make sure your content is original and relevant. Websites that duplicate content are punished with lower rankings and even bans. Your content should always be made for human consumption and relate to your website’s theme.

4. Linking is a two way street. Not only should the links going out of your website be quality, but be certain that the links that lead to your website are from Google respected locations as well. Avoid link farms and any paid linking service. Also, excessive linking is a red flag for Google. When you add internal links on your own sites, make sure you do it in moderation and with purposeful intent.

5. Be sure your site is Google friendly. Build your website so that Google is able to index every page. Include a sitemap. Be sure all your pages are working and that there are no broken links.

If you follow the Google “Tips for Optimizing” you will be fine. Don’t try to fool Google with tricky tactics. The price you will pay is far worse than the effort it takes to do things the right way!