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Thread: How to qualify a new user to my blog

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    Question How to qualify a new user to my blog

    Hi everyone. Quick question:

    How do you qualify someone who has come in to your Wordpress blog and registered themselves as a "new user" without posting an actual comment?

    I'm wary of letting in everyone who has registered without commenting as you never know anything about them. The ones I've seen come in so far have some really strange usernames and even stranger email addresses.

    Is there a plugin that can help with this?

    Thanks all!
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    Cool Re: How to qualify a new user to my blog

    It is a setting already there in Wordpress. No "plug-in" needed ....

    As for your other issue ... you can't have it both ways: personally, I'd never allow that type of registration, as I want to approve every last one of them to keep out all the spoofers, cons, spammers, and rudlees.
    And as far as the time it takes to review each one? Trust me .... I have at least 30x more than you do each day and it still is not more than 15 mninutes.
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