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Thread: Sad announcement to all VodAliens......

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    Default Sad announcement to all VodAliens......

    My dear VodAliens and friends..... it's with great sadness I inform you all of the death of the Dad of our fellow VodAlies and friends LadyEye(Holly) and CL(Robyn) and Debi.

    Holly, Robyn and Debi I am so sorry to hear about your dad, my thoughts and prayers and of those my family are with you and your family.

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    Default Re: Sad announcement to all VodAliens......

    Yes, Manny ... it is sad news indeed. I got the email from Holly in which she followed up on a phone conversation in which she shared how devastating it was to learn of his sickness and the short time left to him. It was a shock to the whole family, especially untimely since Robyn had just returned and was trying to settle in, only to find that so much was left undone and unsaid.

    Having been off Facebook for a month, I have not been privvy to any updates or conversations, to my loss.

    In this sad time, the Girls (all of them together with Mom) need our quiet support and a solid comfort of understanding love.

    Thanks for letting us know .... he will be with us always in every twinkle in their eyes, in every laugh, and the inspiration of their warm and unending hearts.

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    Default Re: Sad announcement to all VodAliens......

    The posts by Holly & CL have always made me smile. It's nice to know their sense of humor comes from their Dad. That's a great legacy to hold.

    My thoughts are with you all.

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    Default Re: Sad announcement to all VodAliens......

    Holly, Robyn, so sorry to hear this..... hope you and your families are doing ok. God bless you all.......

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