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    Hi, this is a great forum btw

    Thanks for any help you could give guys..... my website has a basic enquiry form, but when trying to debug this an error 404 message comes back - not sure why - I have exhausted all my ideas, any thoughts??

    To get to the form click the Enquiries button (opens new pop-up window).


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    Sorry.... forgot to ask... am I supposed to do summit to my PHP settings in my Voda account by any chance??? I'm looking at it but it all looks set to default, or not set at all?? Am I missing something??? Thanks again.

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    Cool Re: Form error 404 message

    For a "web designer" using Blue Voda I am surprised you do not know how to finish a simple eMail form, Adrian! It really is quite simple to accomplish, providing you follow the instructions as detailed in the TUTORIAL to the letter.
    * You need to save your Contact page as PHP after selecting within Page Properties and publishing it so with all corresponding hyperlinks, and keeping your Success page published normally as HTML. Additionally, when you hover over your SUBMIT button, broken code is displayed which may indicate you might need to replace/reconfigure it from scratch (easier than de-bugging your site, not knowing what you did or did not do). And, of course, you do have the Form under all the elements, correct?
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