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Thread: Help!My Pages Only Look Good To Me

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    Default Help!My Pages Only Look Good To Me

    Hello- My name is Keith and hopefully someone can help me with this problem... Everything on the pages I create look fine-even after publishing them and viewing them normally. But everyone else says my pics and text are on top of each other- nothing looks right to them. I even put a smaller computer screen on my computer and everything looks great. The people I talk to use a variety of browsers from IE to Safari to Firefox-all with the same result...What the heck am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Perhaps it's the name of your images (the black image that says keith smith on it is maned Front%20(324%20x%20332).jpg). I would change the name to something simple like keith-smith.jpg and place it were you want it to be. Right now it's blocking some text.

    What text font are you using? You should stick with web friendly fonts like Ariel, Tahoma, etc. otherwise if someone's pc doesn't have the font you are using, their browser will change it to it's standard web font thereby most likely changing the size of the text since font "x" size 10 is for example much smaller than font "Y" which is the web friendly font thus making your text run longer than it should and going under your image.
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