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Thread: Moving site to a new computer

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    Red face Moving site to a new computer


    I recently got a new laptop. I have no idea how to move my website from my old computer to my new one. Do I download the newest edition of voda to my new laptop and then transfer the files over. Do I just transfer the files over and it will work without downloading voda first? I am not at all tech savvy, so please write this in a "dummies for voda" format.

    Thank you,

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    Download BV to your laptop

    Copy all contents in the BV folder on the other computer

    Load the BV files to a thumb drive or similar storage device

    Paste copied files inside your BlueVoda folder inside the My Documents folder on laptop (the BlueVoda folder will be created by downloading and installing the new edition of the Blue Voda Web Builder)

    Be aware that the "Path" to your BV folder on the laptop may not be the same as on your other computer depending on the Operating Systems of each computer.

    The result will be that no images will show on your pages....

    However, the images are on your server and will appear on your website.

    You may want to establish a new path......reload the images onto your pages.

    There will be no need to republish the pages unless you use different images.
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    Default Re: Moving site to a new computer

    I've got a similar situation in that I have a new computer. My entire "My Documents" file tree was transferred to the new computer including my BlueVoda folder. I have not yet downloaded the new BlueVoda program. It's been over a year since I went through the process the first time and I'm a bit foggy as to how it went. Am I allowed to download the program without being asked to repurchase any services? My hosting has been renewed and has been continuous. Also, when I go to download the program, will it overwrite(destroy) anything in my existing "bluevoda" folder in my documents?

    Thanks for your help.

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    the BV program is free & you can download it as many times as you like! There are new versions of BV coming out all the time & so, risk of "deleting" anything when downloading BV......good liuck :)
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