Hi there
I wonder if someone can help me.

I have a landing page (www.ForeverLivingProductsReview.com) with a video and a form on it, so I have published it as a .php extension but for some reason it will not show the last part of the page (after the form) that has another area of text and my contact details.

I have checked the "layering" and have brought the text through to the front but I cannot get it to show - what am I doing wrong?

Also the second page (www.ForeverLivingReview.com/foreverlivingreview_first.html) is only showing a blue background (when it should have a white "page" shape as for the first page) and will not display my signature (a .gif file). It is also displaying the html title header tags.

Both these pages have been fine for a week and then I had a problem this morning with both these pages just showing the blue background, so I redid both of them and republishing but still have these problems.

I went on to a URL that shows what my pages look like in other browsers but was horrified to see that in hardly any browsers it appeared as it should - i.e the video either did not appear at all, or was in the wrong place - why is this? There doesn't seem to be a way of "placing" the video or html form code into a specific space?

I think I may have published the second page as a php by mistake - should I have done it as an html? - I tried to republish as bvp but I must have done something wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,