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    I am using outlook 2007 and when I configure everything I am able to receive my e mail from my account but not abel to send or reply to any e mail I did go to my account setting double click on name and then went at more setting the put a check marke on my out going server (SMTP) requires authentication and also a check on use same setting as my incoming mail server , then on advance tab on out going server I put the same # as i have in my manual setting outgoing mail server from my e mail account that is 25 so could someone tell me what I doing wrong please been going at this now for 7 hrs and i am not getting nowhere any help woould be great


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    Please note that some ISPs (that provide you with connection to the internet) will not accept you using the VH mailservers for outgoing mail.

    In that case you should use their outgoing mailservers.

    Another try: in Windows Live Mail account settings, under the "Server" tab, make sure you have checked the "Access through non encrypted authentication" (or something similar. I'm translating what I see in mine, which is in Italian).
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    Hi - I am having the same trouble. I have followed Naval's instruction to no avail. I have deleted the account and started all over, as well. This started happening as soon as the server upgrade happened. Any guidance will be much appreciated!
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