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Thread: Adsense Alternative?

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    Does anyone have a viable Adsense alternative? I love Adsense and I am totally impressed but I believe in putting your eggs in different baskets. (I just cashed my first check. $7900!)I registered for the beta Yahoo program but they sent me an email saying that it is not yet ready. Ideas?



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    We have yahoo ads on another forum I'm a moderator on - so I'm not sure why they told you they aren't ready unless they have more than one program? You could also check into Amazon.

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    i would recommend you to use, cause i'm very pleased with the results for the last 3 months. i really don't have any complains about our partnership with them

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    AdSense (Google) allows complimentary Affiliate programs, but restricts other side-by-side ad programs (Yahoo!, Kanoodle, etc.)....

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    Yahoo ads is only for US residents, and other so call "adsense alternative" programs could not compete with Google because the ads are limited and sometimes not relevant to the website's topics and affect the CTR.

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    you can also use they have a couple of different types of ads including a newer thig called content link ads, also the content link ads are compatable to be on the same page with google ads.

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