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Thread: Foreign Language document page names

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    Default Foreign Language document page names

    I am having a problem with my page files. My cPanel list of public documents will not show Japanese characters in the titles of the files. My web site uses both English and Japanese pages. But if I save a Japanese page with a Japanese name and publish it, the characters come out ****.html on the list of documents. I can change the language for the entire cPanel to Japanese, but this still won't allow Japanese characters in the page titles I upload. This is problematic for Japanese search engines to pickup on these page titles. Any ideas?

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    Cool Re: Foreign Language document page names

    I really do not know if this is a serious question, or a spoof, as it is so illogical and foreign-thinking to even one who has a little knowledge of how computers really work ....

    Both computers and the Internet have both been designed to revolve completely around the Offical Language, which is American English (not inclusive of British English) only, and that is evidenced by the Search Engines necessitating the creation of local hubs in order to filter and distribute value to loaclized languages, textual characters, and other variables apart from English.

    Thus, files names, code, commands, scripts, and even SEO entries must all be written, formatted, and properly composed using English only.

    You may have Labels, Panels, textual displays and other "elements" display using other language characters, but not the functionary aspects: PHP, HTML, COBOL, Fortran, Cold Fusion, and other languages MUST be written in English. PEROD!

    This is why your pages (as html files) are in English exclusively, even though they may contain Styles and scripts configured to display Japanese, for example.

    When it comes to variables such as Page Titles, Page Descriptions, KeyWords, and other METADATA, these can be entered using font-based entries, and thus they will be subject to the local filters at the local hub .... which is the local SEO results that really matter, correct?

    Global Search Engines do not assign SERP to pages composed in anything but American English.

    Accept it, conform to it, and get on with it .... the less time you waste trying to make everything go your way is more time you can devote to makig real progress!

    PS: You are better off formatting "documents" as a PDF and giving it an alternate title in English, so it will conform to some degree and fit within the ability of SE cache baselines (which is possible using Adobe as opposed to Word or even Open Office).
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