I will be listing many different companies on my several webpages where as visitors may rate each company.

The problem is I dont know how to enable members/visitors to do this.

For example:

Lets say under the Web Hosting Providers section of my website I have listed:

Alternate 1*
Alternate 2*
Alternate 3*

*These will be labeled accordingly.

These listed companies will be able to be rated by visitors/customers etc. so that other visitors will be able to read the ratings/reviews and make an informed decision of their own.

How might I be able to do this? I will also have a "master" rating that I provide, that will show up above everyone elses?

I have XCommentPro and I will be able to use it for handling visitors comments and ratings but I need to somehow make it to where (as listed above) the overall ratings appear next to each companies names. Then upon the visitor clicking on the company name will show them all the ratings that company has received.

Thanks I hope I am making my intentions clear.