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Thread: Need Step by Step Transfer Domain Instructions Please

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    Default Need Step by Step Transfer Domain Instructions Please


    Soon I will be completed with copying my whole website from Yahoo Sitebuilder over to Blue Voda Site Builder.

    Can you please give me step by step instructions on what to do next when I am finshed with BV Sitebuilder and to transfer domain..

    Do I transfer domain first? How? Do I publish all of the saved work in BV sitebuilder THEN transfer domain?

    I need to do the above in the best, fastest steps with minimal down time.

    Will I lose my current keyword rankings in Google for awhile and will they come back soon? Many keywords are on page 1 to 3 of google, so this
    is a very scary move! I am copying everything almost exactly from Yahoo Sitebuilder to Blue Voda Sirebuilder including text, pictures, links, all pages, all meta tags , keywords and titles in hopes that everything will not change too much with the search engines (or at least get better)

    I assume I will buy the $7.95 monthly hosting?? Will it come with an email address and sufficient space and speed?

    Thank you sooo very much for helping me with the above!


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    Default Re: Need Step by Step Transfer Domain Instructions Please

    Hi Cindy,

    When your ready to upload your website, all you have to do is let us know and we will put in a free transfer request with yahoo for you....You will probably have to contact them and tell them to unlock it...Do not worry, the whole proccess is fast and painless and we will handle everything...You will not lose any google page rank for this.


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