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    Question Won't save

    Hi. I lost my pages in a crash. (I then installed an updated BlueVoda) I've downloaded several of the pages from my website, and they come up as 'untitled'. When I try to save them, in 'save as' I write the http:// address, and I get a notice that there is already such a page located at 'x' in my computer. I looked there and found nothing. I says 'do you want to replace the file (x), and whether I say 'yes' or 'no', I still get the message- "Failed to save document". What am I doing wrong? Or, what can I do to save these so I can publish updates etc?

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    Me again.
    I changed the file name to 'index.bvp' But when I go to publish, I get an error message- failed to connect to the site. Even though I'm online at the time. Any ideas of what could be wrong?

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    1. Blue Voda will always prompt you when asked to save a similarly named page over a saved copy (essentially overwriting it) as a precaution, which is why you may be seeing the advisory.

    2. With regard to Naming and Saving your pages, please review the Tutorial and the text instructions under the video player very carefully, and follow the examples shown exactly > How to name your BlueVoda web pages
    You do not have to add any extension after the title of your page, as this is done automatically for you by Blue Voda --- the Tutorial suggests that you do so, but it is truly better to simply let Blue Voda do it for you. For instance, do not type in "index.bvp" but only "index" as you save your pages.
    This might be part of the issue you are experiencing ... or,

    3. It may be that you are not correctly indicating which VodaHost server to publish to: if your assigned server is not on the drop-down list in the Publish Dialog box, then you will need to download a newer version of Blue Voda that includes all the servers, including the server your VodaHost Hosting account was assigned.
    * Blue Voda will only publish to a VodaHost server which means a paid hosting account is required.

    4. If you are following the above instructions and methods properly and still experiencing difficulties, then it is merely a connection issue on your end that you must resolve yourself.
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