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    Hi, I'm having problems viewing my published index page. I have published my index page and up until I try to view it online it appears to have been done properly. However, when I tried to view it online I only see:
    Index of /

    Name Last modified Size Description
    cgi-bin/ 16-Jan-2011 15:54 -

    1. I think I should note that this isn't my first website, I have created several with BlueVoda and all are working fine on VodaHost servers. I believe I have done everything correctly. The domain is registered with another company and pointing to VodaHost's nameservers. I have some other registered domains with the same company and they (including are pointing to the same nameservers, so I know there isn't an issue there. The nameservers are "" and "". I have looked in "public_html" and the folder "" is there containing all the files I uploaded for that specific domain. Also, the "index" page was there, named correctly, and saved and published as a PHP file.

    2. After I could not find any alternative I have deleted the "" folder, deleted the domain from the "addon domains" section of my cPanel account and then re added it. I have also repointed "" to the correct nameservers. I have rechecked the "public_html" folder to make sure the "" was created. I think I may have had to create this folder manually. I then republished my pages to the correct IP and directory with a valid username and password. The directory is "public_html/"

    Everything seems to have been done correctly, but I still see "Index_of/" instead of my web site. Like I said earlier, this isn'y my first web site, I have created some other webs along with this site TODAY, so there shouldn't be any issues. If anyone knows how to correct this problem and why this happened please post in this thread, thanks.

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    ....I just copy/paste my reply to the poster under you with the same ? lol
    ....just clicked on the link you posted & works just fine!!?? All links to other pages too....
    nice site, btw...
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    Yes i found the solution. I had to delete all related files, folders, and settings cocerning that website in the Cpanel. Then I re-added it starting with "addon domain" followed by a check of "FTP Accounts" and finally "public_html". After I made sure the required information and folders were created. I re-uploaded all web files via Bluevoda publishing. This is how I fixed my problem.

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