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Thread: How to "frame" your pages?

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    Default How to "frame" your pages?

    Sorry, I don't even know what this is called, but I want to put vertical lines on my pages. The pages seem to be floating and I want an edge to the page. Also my pictures stretch out and distort on larger screens, how do you stop that?
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    Not sure exactly what you mean but you can use the "shape properties" in BV to create vertical lines. Use the "Pattern" effect under "Fill Effects" and scroll down under "Style".
    With regards to the distortion I have a 22" screen and I don't see any.

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    Default Re: How to "frame" your pages?

    A word about your navigation. You should be able to get to any page from any page.
    Your navigation links should be in the same place on every page.
    I had to search for your links.....
    Your page "titles" are an important part of SEO.
    The title should be descriptive of the page content using keywords for that particular page.
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