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Thread: deleting pages from public_html

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    Question deleting pages from public_html

    I thought that if I went int Blue FTP and deleted a folder -for sale-from the public_html side all it's files would be removed from the internet. I did that but the pages still come up on the net. Can someone tell me what to do to delete this folder?
    In searching for an answer I found this:

    You can also open BlueVoda and goto Tools>FTP>connect.
    Find the folder or
    file and click X [delete]

    that's what I did.I did not remove the file from the BlueVoda side of the FTP. Do I have to? I may need them later.

    Next I tried the c panel. I watched the tutorial, which I finally figured out is for the Legacy File Manager. In Blue Voda I have a folder called for sale which holds all the files I want to remove. In either File Manager this folder does not show up, although others do. It's a wonder my sites work at all- but they do!

    I have created a new web site ( that mirrors the content in the for sale folder in and I understand search engines do not like that.

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    Default Re: deleting pages from public_html

    Do not delete the files from your computer if you think that you will use them again.
    This has no effect on deleting form your public_html on your server.
    When you delete a page from your public_html file it is gone...
    However, various computers may still cache the old page for a while.
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