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    I'm very new to the web development world and I'm unsure of what unlimited domains and unlimited web sites actually mean. I have currently one domain under bluevoda hosting and would like to have many more to practice with to build my skills. I see at the front page that BV will give me the ability to have unlimited domains and web sites. If I wanted more than the one currently under hosting and I pay a certain monthly fee, am I required to pay a fee for each domain name? In other words if I want access to as many as two or more domains for site building, do I need to pay a fee for each domain?

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    There are two types of domains: add-on and sub. Sub domains aren't satisfactory to many people but they are free. Add-on domains are true domains completely separate from each other, but each costs. At VH, you can have as many sub and add-on domains as you like on one account, but you have to pay for the add-on domains. View the tutorials for details. Children's Ministry resources
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    The free option works with website templates, and there's a limit to how sophisticated you can make the site. Still, there are plenty of options to work with.

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