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Thread: Contact form not working

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    Red face Contact form not working

    I am writing in hopes that someone could help me.
    I have created a pre-done form for a contact us page.
    when the customer completes the form and hits submit, they get the 404 error. we get their message/e-mail just fine. They in turn think they did something wrong and either go to a different site or try over and over again. I have a success page and an error page set up. Just cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
    Please help me.

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    Lightbulb Re: Contact form not working

    It is customarily expected that you provide a URL to the website in question as outlined in Forum protocol 'How To Ask For Assistance' so your issue can be reviewed properly to determine the specific solution.

    If you are using a pre-made Form, most likely you need to double-check to make sure the link to the "Success" page is accurate, changing it to reflect your site name and file path (the default is which you need to 'customize' properly).

    Double-click on the Form to reveal the Properties, where you make these modifications.
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