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Thread: I need my website expand/contract to browsers

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    Default I need my website expand/contract to browsers

    It stays the same size and in very large screens the whole page is a small site on the upper left side of the screen. Not only do I want the whole page to expand to any boswer but also the photos inside the conveyor belt. I need them to shrink and fit into the conveyor belt. I don't want to have to edit/resize the photos to fit. I would rather have the browser shrink the photos inside the conveyor. Then when different browsers/screen sizes access the site it automatically changes to the size of the end users screen or browser Thanks

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    Default Re: I need my website expand/contract to browsers

    Sorry! This is not possible.

    It is customarily expected that you provide a URL to the website in question as outlined in and required by Forum protocol 'How To Ask For Assistance' so your issue can be reviewed properly to determine the specific solution. You are advised to include a URL in all future postings ....

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