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Thread: instant messaging.

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    Default instant messaging.

    If there away to do a instant messaging to PHP

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    Lightbulb Re: instant messaging.

    Sorry, but that question does not even make sense to me.
    One can use PHP code to create a messaging tool, but it depends from what source and to what destination (or device) it is intended that determines the type and manner of coding required.
    You do not "do instant messaging to PHP" ....

    It is expected that you provide a URL to the website in question as outlined in and required by Forum protocol 'How To Ask For Assistance' so your issue can be reviewed properly to determine the specific solution.

    You can enable Instant (Private) Messaging on your phpBB Forum you already have installed on and if your Forum version is older, you may need to install an upgraded plugin. Instant messaging on your Blue Voda site, however, is not possible, as it is prohibited by the VodaHost Terms of Service sec. 10a, 10b, 10d (specifically the IRC Internet Relay Chat clause, as these scripts require more server resources than your account is entitled and due to the fact they may allow exploitations to access the server).

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