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Thread: Uploading templates to Soholaunch

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    Question Uploading templates to Soholaunch


    I have tried to upload a custom template to Soholaunch but is says that it has uploaded but I am unable to find it.

    I have checked in my File Manager.
    I have saved my template as index.html

    Can someone tell me how to upload a custom template that i have?


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    Cool Re: Uploading templates to Soholaunch

    It is obvious that you are in over your head, Alex, as I tried to caution you ....

    1. You cannot use Blue Voda to create a template for Soholaunch.
    2. Soholaunch is coded in PHP, not HTML.
    3. Soholaunch requires a complete folder of specifically created Template files to function, which are always provided as a ".zip" folder for quality control and ease of transfer due to size.

    You really need to start acting intelligently with deliberate purpose if you hope to make any of your efforts worthwhile and your vision capable of transforming into a predictable reality. You can do it, if you simply follow directions and the prescribed steps of proven methods and procedures. You will have to commit, as there is no one willing to walk you personally through for free.

    I will assume you want everything for free or at the least cost possible to make your Soholaunch experience come to successful fuition, so explore these resources to plan your independent progress:
    How to install Soholaunch - Must Read!!!
    Soholaunch's Quickstart Wizard
    Soholaunch Support Forums ... this is where you need to turn for help, as there are not many SohoPros here to help you.
    Soholaunch Video Tutorials .... start learning how to learn: study these religiously!
    Soholaunch Help Center .... if you can't get enough support from the Soho Forum, buy some!
    Free Soholaunch Templates (and installation instructions) .... yes, there really are more than 300, if you know where to look.
    Free Soholaunch Plugins (and installation instructions) ... same. Not every Plugin has a price Tag on it.
    Soholaunch Templates and Plugins ... Soholaunch comes fully loaded with tons of templates and cool features, but if that is not enough for you, please visit the Soholaunch add-on center, here you can purchase custom premium Soholaunch templates and Plugins. All VodaHost customers get a 20% discount.
    Soholaunch User Manual .... the all-inclusive reference.

    If you get stuck, or feel like giving up, consider hiring one of the best Soholaunch Certified Coders that is incredibly affordable as reliable: --- ask for Ben. VodaHost saved you about $200 by providing for your free installation, so be willing to invest at least that much in the help, tools, plugins, or whatever else you might need.

    Just don't expect persistent "personal" assistance on demand from these forums ... like I say, there are very few Soho pros here willing or capable of helping you as you require. It's up to you, and always has been.
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
    * Success Is Potential Realized *

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