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Thread: Viewing HTML within BlueVoda?

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    Exclamation Viewing HTML within BlueVoda?

    Hi all,

    Some help please:

    When right clicking on the page in BV, and selecting HTML - nothing happens. Is HTML of the page not accessible from within BV? I dont want to go into CPanel each time.

    Any help would great, thanks


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    Default Re: Viewing HTML within BlueVoda?

    In Short NO, as the bluevoda built page doesn't become html until it is published to a vodahost account.
    the html does not appear when you right click this for adding code not change it.
    that being said you can enter any code you wish into the page by right clicking on an empty part of the page and choosing page html you can enter coda in ether of the option tabs.

    or some code can be added by using the html box added to the page.

    if you are adding php code remember that the page must be published as php, and the head code for php would go in page html under the Start of Page tab.

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