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Thread: can not find .htaccess files

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    Question can not find .htaccess files


    I can not seem to find my .htaccess files.
    I know they should be under public_html/, but it is not there.

    I've tried creating one (a few times) and it doesn't show up. I've searched for it and it shows me that it is in the public_html director, and to double-click to go there, but then its not there.

    Can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to find my .htaccess file? I've read other forums on here that say to log in on my ftp, how do I do that?

    please help. Thanks!

    Also -- I have created a custom 404 error page, but I need it to be .php, and the one created is .shtml, how can I change this so that I can use php coding for my custom 404 error page?

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: can not find .htaccess files

    If your trying to see the .htaccess file in cpanel then you won't see it if your using the standard or default theme for cpanel all .files are hidden. you can how ever use the bluevoda ftp manager that will show the file which should be in most cases be the first file after the folders.
    If you real want to see them in cpanel you can change theme / style of cpanel to one that shows the .files.

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    Default Re: can not find .htaccess files

    Hi Bilbo, if you are using BlueVoda web builder go into Tools and the go down to FTP, you can get in that way.

    Anybody know how to change the .htaccess file? When I have tried it just tries to go to the web to find something to open it with.
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    Default Re: can not find .htaccess files

    Copy your file to your desktop and modify it with Word Pad (or create a new one from scratch). Save it as .htaccess instead of .txt and upload that to the server. Children's Ministry resources
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