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Thread: Getting rid of Horde Mail?

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    Default Getting rid of Horde Mail?

    I would like to stop using Horde web mail and begin using my Microsoft Outlook instead.

    I have configured Outlook already, but all of my mail continues to go to Horde.

    Do I just delete my HORDE web mail account?

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    Default Re: Getting rid of Horde Mail?

    ALL your email must be processed by the server according to your Domain assignment ... you have simply selected Horde to be the "viewer" by which you can view your Webmail. You do not "delete" Horde: simply select another method, such as Squirrel Mail if you prefer to view your Webmail.

    Outlook will poll ("dial up" the server/your account) and retrieve your email to load onto your own computer, and if you have selected, will leave a copy on the server for "dual access" to be viewed via Webmail (either via Horde or Squirrel "access"). I personally do not elect to "leave a copy on the server" no matter how high I have set the webmail limit for each email address, since I rarely use Webmail, and thus, am less inclined to go in and clean out old email ....

    Using Outlook does not mean you "delete" the "viewer" you use when accessing Webmail.
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