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    Question design issue

    Dear Design Support Team

    I'm new to bluevoda website builder and still learning about the features and tools that are available to create my first webpage.

    I would like to have transparent images and shapes on my webpage.

    However, the preview page always show all the images and shapes as solid objects instead of transparent objects after I have created them.

    Can you please advice, how do I add transparent images and still see them as transparent images on the preview page.

    Best Regards

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    If you double click the shape, the properties box for that shape will show up, the general tab will be showing. You want to look about half way down where you will see Fill Effects options, next to that will be a drop down box where you can select Transparent for that shape select this and hit ok. Hope this helps. Don't foget to re-publish :@)

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    Thanks for your contribution. By selecting 'Transparent', I got the transparent shapes that I wanted. I have tried with all the other properties as well and found that by selecting 'Image' I can also get the same transparent result.

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