SEO can be very confusing and hard to grasp because of the many complex factors that are involved. I personally know what it's like be confused about what factors of SEO matter the most, so I wanted to create a list of important SEO factors for webmaster to consider when learning how to optimize a website.

Knowing what the factors are, understanding the factors, and knowing how apply important factors of SEO to your website is critical when optimizing a website for organic traffic from; Google, Yahoo, & MSN.

In comparison to most webmasters, I think that I have a slightly different approach because I do not try to use social bookmarks and blogs like a lot of people do and advise others to do. I am not saying that I do not use them at all, and I am not proclaiming that I think they are a bad idea; I just do not focus on that approach of SEO as much as other webmasters seem to do.

Every website requires a unique approach, but most of the same factors will still apply. I created a list of 10 factors that I consider when creating a strategy for optimizing a website.

Other SEO Experts may have had results that differ from my personal results, but the following is a list of import factors that I consider when performing search engine optimization on websites.

Below is a list that includes the top 10 most important factors of SEO that I take into consideration when I am optimizing a website for organic traffic.

1. Keyword Selection - (I feel that it is import to start off with a plan that involves good keyword strategy.)
2. Relevancy of Title Tags to Back Links - (I think this is one of the most important factors of SEO.)
3. Relevancy of Title Tags - (Title tags are at the top of the list for important factors of SEO.)
4. Relevancy of Content - (I can not say relevancy enough, but if the page has content, relevant content will bring the best results.)
5. Relevancy of Anchor Text - (It is very important to know how to effectively use anchor text to increase keyword performance.)
6. Relevancy of Back Links - (Quality and Consistency is Very Important!)
7. Internal Link Structure - (It is important for search engine spiders like GoogleBot to be able to crawl your website. Some people use a Sitemap to help with this factor.)
8. Meta Tags - (Meta tags can be done many different ways and everyone has different ideas about meta tags and how to use them to optimize a website.)
9. I like to add at least (1) one very relevant reciprocal link. - (Some people do not like reciprocal links, but it is just like everything else, it is not what you do, it is how you do it that matters the most.)
10. Domain Name - (I do not feel that the domain name plays as much of a roll in optimizing a website as the factors that I listed above, but I do feel that it is important enough to make the top 10 list of important SEO factors to consider when optimizing a website.)

Please note: I posted the list in order of importance with the most important factor at the top of the list.

When it comes to search engine optimization every SEO expert and webmaster has a different style and uses different techniques, I do not want to state that my ideas are better that the ideas that others have