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    Default Installation Error

    This is my first installation and I have been having trouble doing what seems to be very easy to do what what I have read and videos that I have watched online, yet non seems to work?

    The last steps that I have done and seem to still not work are:

    1. uploaded the OSC zip folder to the main public directory.
    2. unzipped the OSC and re named catalog file to store.
    3. I pre install the default oscommerce store from the cpanel using the fantastico trying to create the database, etc just by a few clicks.

    I tried to go the installation url, but am getting a 404 error message.

    I've also tried to install the template without pre installing the default oscommerce store, but still had no luck.

    Any idea of what I am doing wrong? Not sure what I need to be looking for as This is my first time installing the template

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    There is no such thing as "pre-installing" via Fantastico: it installs the full package, ready-to-go .... apparently you are trying to manually install osC over a previous installation, and it's no wonder you're getting error messages.

    Make up your mind what you want to do -- either an auto-installation via Fantastico (which allows you the ability to do instant upgrades with two clicks of the mouse) or a manual install, which will require you to perform all maintenance and upgrades yourself.

    THEN either go into your cPanel to clean up after uploading files manually, or simply ask Support For An Account "Reset" which will clear out the entire account to a "like new" state (and restore any critical files or folders you may have mistakenly deleted) so you can start from scratch with complete confidence.

    Once you get a good osC installation, you can upload your Zipped Template pack via cPanel's FILE MANAGER > UPLOAD amd then when in place, use the UNZIP tool to extract the files properly. It is not as hard as you may have misunderstood it to be!
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