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    I am absolutely lost.
    Can anyone please direct me to the voda FTP link to upload my site?

    I am SO over it. This has been a huge challenge building my site.
    You are talking to an oldie......Sorry......I never did get to Uni !!

    Many thanks in advance.

    Lotsa always.

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    BlueVoda is a HTML generator that creates encrypted files that can only be published to a VodaHost server, to an specifically assigned hosting account IP address, which upon publishing to will un-encrypt the files to publish your web pages properly.

    You must never attempt to publish via FTP or otherwise uploading any BlueVoda created webpages to a hosting account, and must always publish only by clicking on the PUBLISH Icon within BlueVoda or using the Toolbar commands EDIT > PUBLISH.

    You will need to know to what IP your hosting account has been assigned, and have a valid User Name and Password: these will be entered in the BlueVoda Publish Dialog Box that appears whjen you begin the publishing process. If you do not know your IP number, or are missing any other information, Contact Support to be reminded.

    TUTORIAL: Publishing your web pages on the internet
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
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