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Thread: Is Apache a good site to use with BlueVoda?

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    Default Is Apache a good site to use with BlueVoda?

    I am not a complete beginner in building websites, but almost! I do not see Apache mentioned here as a useful tool for website building. Does anyone have experience with Apache and using BlueVoda, how well do they work together? I am willing to spend time to study and learn about how to use Apache, I see it is extremely complicated but hopefully a beginning web builder like myself can use Apache for both simple and complicated web design (once I familiarize myself with web building in the future and want to change and improve on my website).

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    Default Re: Is Apache a good site to use with BlueVoda?

    Apache is a type of server, and BlueVoda is the award-winning website builder tool available free from VodaHost.

    Go ahead and download BlueVoda and begin building your website the way you want to without restriction or complication!
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