what is cpanel

This tutorial will guide you on what is cPanel. For the purpose of this guide, we'll presume that you're currently in cPanel hosting and therefore are viewing the primary display.

Let us begin to learn about what is cPanel hosting and how to navigate through cPanel. The first step is to update your contact information by selecting Update Contact Info under Preferences in your cPanel hosting screen. You can see the tutorial "How to keep your contact information up to date in cPanel".

Another step is to change your cPanel theme, by going to the Switch Theme at the top left of the screen and viewing the Switch Theme drop-down list. Select the theme of your choice and then select GO. This changes your cPanel theme but not the way your cPanel operates.

If you wish to switch your account, to another account that you may have, go to the Switch Account drop-down list. This list is located at the top right of the page. In case you should have other accounts, at the Switch Account list you can view the current account that you are working with in cPanel and if you wish to switch to another account, you may do so here. Just select the account you wish to change and then select GO.

Let's scroll down the cPanel hosting screen to view vital information regarding the account on the left hand side beneath Stats. For instance, you are able to view the amount of email accounts that you are currently using and the amount of email account that are still available from your hosting provider. You may also view the bandwidth usage, disk space usage and plenty more. To view more information regarding the operating system, php version, the MySQL version and other information just keep on scrolling down.

The Server Status is the final stat on the list. The Server Status allows you to view the performance of the server you are using. Let's take a look by selecting Click to View. The Server Status page is separated into three columns: Service, Details and Status. Beneath the Status there are green circles which indicate that the server is operating properly for that particular service line. Select Go Back to the cPanel hosting screen.

Now we shall review the right side of the cPanel hosting screen. This side of the cPanel hosting screen is separated into particular categories which includes icons within them. By selecting on these particular icons you can do certain functions within cPanel such as using your webmail, using File Manager, create email accounts and etc.

There is Documentation link at the end of the page which is a complete detailed cPanel hosting Manual to understand everything about what is cPanel hosting. This manual contains information about all the features of cPanel and has sections on every aspect from frequent questions to something from each section in cPanel hosting. It is always available on the home page of your cPanel hosting. Let's take a look at it by selecting the Documentation link. The cPanel Manual is separated into two sections, on the left side is the table of contents, which contains all the topics and subtopics and by selecting a topic the information will be viewed on the right side of the screen.

You can rearrange the windows (or sections) to your needs in your cPanel, which is new in this version of cPanel. For instance, if you would like to have the window named Mail on the top, you can move it by simply dragging and dropping the window where you would like it.

To quit your cPanel hosting, simply select the Logout on the top right hand corner of the screen or simply just exit the browser page. Please note that you should never forget to logout of your cPanel hosting screen instead of just exiting the browser, when you are utilizing a public computer because of security issues. This ends the tutorial. You should now know what is cPanel and some of its features.

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