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This tutorial will guide you on how to create a POP email account in cPanel. For the purpose of this guide, we'll presume that you're currently in cPanel hosting and therefore are viewing the primary display.

Let us begin to create a POP email account in cPanel. Select the Email Accounts under the Mail section of the main screen of the cPanel hosting. Once you have selected Email Accounts, a new display will appear of the Email Accounts page. There is an existing POP email account listed, the primary POP account that every hosting account comes with, in this guide it is abc123c@abc123.com.

With this guide we will create a new POP account. Under Add a New Email Account, you type the new email address for this POP account. Please note that if you have more than one domain in your account be sure to select the correct domain you wish to create the POP email account. Next type a password for the new account, re-type the password beneath and you may also set a quota limit on this email account. Once you have completed inputting all the information, select the Create button.

A new display will appear if you wish to configure the account to work with a mail client, select No. Now you have a new POP email account, which can be viewed under Current Accounts.

If you wish to do the following:
-Check Webmail, select the Earth icon under Access Webmail next to the email account.
-To change the Quota, select Change Quota button under Functions
-To change the Email Password, select Change Password button under Functions
-To configure a mail client, select Configure Mail Client button under Functions
-To delete the email account, select the red X icon Delete under Functions

If you wish to add additional emails, just follow the instructions above.

Select the Home icon on the top left of the screen to return to the main page of cPanel hosting. This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create a POP email account in cPanel.

If you need any further assistance on how to create email accounts in cPanel
please feel free to ask them on this thread!

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