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Thread: incorrect picture showing to what has been saved

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    Default incorrect picture showing to what has been saved

    Some of the pages on our site has an old picture that keeps appearing. The picture has been replaced on all pages, saved and published but a couple of pages still show the old picture.
    The website page is http://www.outdooractivities-in-esse...dtrekking.html the home page was playing up but now seems to be showing correct picture. The problem is on the left hand side about 5 pictures down - it should show a picture of 5 kids riding quad bikes with the text below it showing as 'school holidays' but it still shows the old picture which is a picture of a yellow inflatable track and sometimes shows the old text too 'mobile quad parties'
    Is it best to delete from control panel if so how? can we delete the whole page from the control panel and resave correct page?
    One of the other pages that has the same problem is: http://www.outdooractivities-in-esse...k/archery.html

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    Default Re: incorrect picture showing to what has been saved

    Apparently you have the same images uploaded to your website twice under different tags. Ex:
    images/bv01001 is the same as images/bv01023
    images/bv01002 is the same as images/bv01024 and so on...

    I believe you need to go into cPanel and delete the duplicate images or delete everything and re-publish. There may be a simpler solution but I can't think of one.

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    Default Re: incorrect picture showing to what has been saved

    I know this was about a month ago, but in case you still need help, or if anyone else has a similar issue. I've had this happen before, and with me it was because I had the same name of 2 different photo's in 2 different locations on my PC. When I uploaded the new photo the site didn't differentiate between the 2, so I got the same photo showing when I wanted the alternate.

    Simple solution is to change the name of one of the photos and republish, for example if you have 2 photo's labeled family.jpg... change one to family2.jpg then republish the page.

    Also this works if you uploaded a page with a photo, but didn't like the photo and uploaded a different one with the same name as the old photo... you'd either delete the old photo entirely from your ftp manager or rename the new photo and republish.

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