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Thread: My First Website

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    Default My First Website

    I put this site together for the office I work at. I'd love some feedback on it and any suggestions you may have.


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    Excellent look! Nice and smooth transitions through out site.

    I would suggest making each page 900 width as the 993 is making my browser open a slide adjuster side to side. Not much- but its there and it throws off the center of the site.

    Also- on the maps page, try to re-size the picture as it is over 600 kb itself. On dial up that will be an issue. Pics should be as little as possible to save load times.

    Your pages are short (with content) so shorten the page to 700 length. It will make it more uniform.

    ....other than that- nice job!

    PHP- is a blast!

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    ditto to the above.....except I get NO side-scroll at all !
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    With my 500mb/s fiber broadband internet - no problem of loading speed :D But okay, lets get serious... On Staff page there is unnecessary side scroll ( I have 21" laptop, and there's usually is no side-scroll on any websites, and SHOULDN'T have!).

    All pages are too long, should reduce height - but as far as I remember, BV removes it automatically, if there's no text or images...
    Yes, checked it now.. On every page you have a footer "Progressive Wellness Center"
    It's the same color as the background, so it's invisible.. Apart from that, everything looks great, nice colors :)

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