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Thread: add an sub domain or add on domain?

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    Default add an sub domain or add on domain?


    I have used VH for many years now and am very satisfied. However, I have just bought an e-store design from a Swedish web portal and want to add it to my web site which is

    The e-store is ready to launch as I have worked on that web portal putting in all the products and particulars. The e-store name is:

    So my question how do I go about to add it to my homepage? I donīt know much about these things, so I appreciate all the help I can get. Which is the best: add-on sub domain or add-on domain?

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: add an sub domain or add on domain?

    Probably as simple as getting a domain name and changing the nameservers to point to that site but as this store is hosted elsewhere you really should be asking
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