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Thread: Facebook like button html code

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    Default Facebook like button html code


    When inserting a face book like button on my page I have to enter the following code into my html node:

    <html xmlns:fb="">

    Where do I insert this? 'Start of page', 'between head tag', 'inside body tag', 'beginning of body', 'endof body' or 'end of page'?

    Please I am stuck and cannot finish this process.
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    Default Re: Facebook like button html code

    I had this a few months ago on my home page and I just copied the code from FB and pasted it in an HTML box in Blue Voda, and placed the box where I want the FB frame to appear (you may have to preview your page a few times before publishing it to align the frame just right).

    Now I just use a FB icon and have it linked to my FB page.
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