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    Smile Affiliate Marketing

    The truth about Affiliate Marketing.

    Ok. I have been doing this (affiliate marketing) for the last 5 years.
    So far I get ziltch. Sweet **** all

    This is not to say that it's all bad. Affiliate marketing can be good. There are
    many examples of people making a killing but I am not one of them.

    Am I doing it wrong?
    Perhaps. But I get a bit prickly when I hear all the success stories and in the
    mean time I am wallowing in a cesspit of mediocrity.

    I have built a couple of great sites and I have SEO'd them and I get traffic but

    no sales. Hmmm, what am I doing wrong or am I just being suckered by the thrill
    of the chase.

    I am at my wits end. What do I have to do to earn money for my efforts? I read
    stories of people pending only 2-3 hours per day and making $5K+ per week. Hmmm.

    Tell me how. I spend 12-14 hours 7 days a week every day on my site/s and my
    income is poor at best. Am I missing something? Perhaps but I am not a dill. I
    can't understand why, with all my effort, I get Zilch. This will send me to the
    soup kitchen unless something miraculous happens.

    How is it going for you? Are you making any money? How long have you put your
    butt to the grind stone. Are you getting as despondent as I am?

    I write this because I am sooo frustrated, Hundreds (thousands) of hours of

    work... no - results.

    This is what I've been doing.

    1. I built a good web site. Approx 200 pages of real unique content

    2. The site/s is targeted specific. IE: 1. Womenís health/lifestyle, 2.

    Menís health/sexual health

    3. I publish articles on a daily basis with links back to my site

    4. I engage in forums. Write relevant copy to address subject matter

    5. I try to add a new page to my site every day to bolster content

    6. I update my landing page constantly

    7. I pull my hair out

    8. I pull my hair out

    9. I have created a blog site which has over 2000 articles posted

    10. I am seeing a spe******t for depression. I think I'll just kill myself

    11. I feel Sick

    In the last five years I have earnt approx $600. Hmm. That equates to about 0.6
    cents per hour (just a guess). Good Money Eh! I think I will rush out and buy a

    new Condo... Tahiti looks nice.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I a fool? Is there a secret formula that I don't know?
    About? Please let me know.

    Perhaps you can look at my site and share your
    Wisdom. Or email me at info[at] I will welcome the opportunity

    to chew the fat.

    Kind Regards,


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    Default Re: Affiliate Marketing

    Personally? Your site is too cluttered to get the visual appeal and lingering "engagement" you are needing to establish a greater compelling reasoning for conversion ... and the lack of a strong, unified overall "theme" is what is missing: your index page is an immediate "in-your-face" approach to "presenting" without any clear guidance or logical ordering.

    It is hard to make out if it is a Blog, a Website with depth, or what TYPE of site it might really be.

    Rather than stare myopically at something that has already met your standards and obviously is not performing properly, try top find enough comparisons to offer some contrast to yours to answer, or to find a commonality in the others that you are lacking. Choose the better model in order to try a new appraoch, and be ready to design (or re-design) your site so it can easily be updated in the future without "starting over" or making a drastic change, and be committed to making changes when trends and current metrics dictate!

    Do NOT be presupposing that visitors object to websites undergoing change ... in fact, they give mre creedance to those that make obvious efforts to keep abreast of current trends, demands, and consumer needs.

    I've had an affiliate marketing website for a very long time, and even though I already know that there are at least 14 pages broken and at least 150 banners that need to be rotated, I am still making money each month doing nothing but relying on the core design and prominently published PURPOSE of the site, to earn not only loyalty, but deeper customer appreciation and satisfaction: hint > people actully BUY on my site because there is a mutually beneficial reason to do so, and when such purchases do good things without adding costs, it makes people feel good. You may wish to concoct some clever "Purpose" for your site being the preferred alternative for consumers to visit and purchase through regularly, or to align yourself with a cause or Brand that will contribute to generating traffic by means of consumers doing a search for related KW's: getting them there, keeping them there, and then actually creating the compelling engagement/conversion is what it is all about .... you need to think on these central issues and upon this core psychology of marketing, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing (which is not only fickle, but fleeting). Proof of this degree of understanding and real Success is seen when you actually have significant returning/regular customers.

    You need to have a "Headliner" .... a clear, unique PURPOSE, or a prominent affiliation with a notable brand (a celebrity, a product, a personality, some noteriety, etc.) so you don't have to fight for credibility. Perks help too, as does making things fun (publish a 'Happy Customer Comments' section or something) and easy (maybe a contest or a giveaway might make people engage easier?) .... sounds like you have "optimized" your site into redundancy, forgetting that it is people and their perspectives that you must serve first.
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    Default Re: Affiliate Marketing

    Everything Vasili said...Plus, Its all about traffic, the more traffic, the more sales.


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