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    Please check out my web site and give me any feedback to improve it.
    IFLY Blue Voda.

    Kindest Regards
    Phil Hughes

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    Excellent for sure! Top notch.

    Couple points:
    Price List and Client Vouchers open in the same window and there is no way back to the main site except to use the BACK ARROW. Might want to consider opening in it's own window. Reason- most people are conditioned to X out of such a printable area of a site. Once they X out- they are gone from your site.

    Also- the site has great flow. Menus are always present to keep the User stationary or in a familiar place until they go to the Client Testamonials and Treatment Review. The link back to the main site is very small and not readily found. While not a big deal- it can be frustrating.

    Other than that- great job.

    PHP- is a blast!

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    As Andy said it's an excellent site. Very eye appealing! That said, there are a few things I suggest you look into.
    The Voucher is much to large and requires scrolling down the page. Secondly, you might want to consider putting a print button on the page itself rather than have your clients look for their print function.
    Lastly, the paragraph "Once completed, New client bring voucher with you, existing client give this voucher to your
    to bring to their appointment and we will e-mail you your 5.00 voucher" is confusing. I underlined the section that to me anyway is confusing.

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