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    Question Insert Visual Slideshow

    I made a slideshow using Visual Slideshow and have no idea how to insert this in my BlueVoda page. Here is an example of the slideshow and instructions on how to add it to your website:

    I tried inserting the code in the HEAD and BODY sections in the page HTML code, inserting the code in the script box and the html box, none worked. All I get is broken images stacked on the screen.

    I want the slideshow placed in the center of this page:

    Please Help!

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    Default Re: Insert Visual Slideshow

    Have you tried adding it in a JavaScript box?

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    You must first create a specifically-named Sub-Directory in your root public_html/ directory to publish the installation to, and then using a BlueVoda iFrame Box enter the URL as a link to that directory for the script to run properly.
    In cPanel, go to FILE MANAGER to the "' Root Directory, and in the left heirarchy, click once on to reveal the public_html/ directory in the center panel: use the CREATE FOLDER tool above to create a new 'sub-directory' to install the VisualSlideshow to (which will then install itself to the root of that folder).
    You will need separate Sub-Directories for each slideshow you create, and as described below, this will allow you to show multiple slideshows on a single page, or duplicate them singly on multiple pages of your site.

    Using the tools offered on this site, the "publish" process clearly states this, but is easily mis-understood: you must provide the URL to this intended installation, which should look something like this > (note the use of "slideshow1" which allows you to create multiples and track the placement of each on various pages).

    Using an iFrame as such allows you to position the slideshow on your page as desired, and the Sub-Directory allows the script to run as separately intended. If you wish your "Gallery" page to display the slideshow, the URL you will use in the iFrame box will look like
    *You will need to re-name the page or directory (reading in between the lines above, it looks like a Page) you created as "Gallery" to "gallery" as captials render function useless.

    From the apparent dysfunction, it appears you may have not formatted your installation as directed (images sizes, duration, action, etc.), or did not install it into a "Named" Sub-Directory as required and properly use the BV iFrame Box to link to it. It may be also that the "stacking" of images is due to the iFrame being not large enough to properly lay out the slideshow ... make it large enough to show the slideshow fully and still be fully within your page margins.

    Why not simply install JAlbum via Fantastico! for a free and painless way to show off your images in a very similar format as this slideshow script you mention? There are TONS of free skins to get just the right look, and Fantastico! will not only install it flawlessly, it will automatically create a directory as well!

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