Hello all,

I keep a pretty close eye on my awstats, and today I noticed an entry in the "HTTP Status" codes section... it's one I've never seen before, and since I just added a new add-on domain, I'm wondering if there's something I need to do, but haven't. The following is what I'm seeing in my awstats:

Required but not found URLs (HTTP code 404) URL (2)Error
HitsReferrers/%E2%80%9Dhttps://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js%E2%80%9D275 http://www.delleluce.com/accessories.html/

crossdomain.xml 1http://s.nsdsvc.com/App/DddWrapper.swf

I have no idea why I'm getting errors for the +1 on the accessories page when I have it installed and it's working, but the one I'm concerned about is the "crossdomain.xml". Anyone have any idea what this is, and whether or not I need to take steps to fix it?

Any help is appreciated!