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Thread: Google +1 issues

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    Default Google +1 issues

    Hi all,

    My website is

    I have been trying to add the +1 button and have yet to get it to show up. I tried the method posted by Tom Finley ( on my index page and tried the method listed in the Bluevoda e-mail ( on my "Sunset Cruise" page but neither worked. I was signed into my g-mail account while doing this, have submitted my sitemap to Google, and yes, I remembered to publish the update. Anything I missed?

    Would appreciate any tips.


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    We've discovered that the +1 button can conflict with other javascripts on the page. You have the Google translator script, for instance--that might be the problem. Looking at the html of your page, it looks like you have the +1 script correctly installed. This is something Google needs to address, I'm afraid. Children's Ministry resources
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