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Thread: Stop Google Highlighting Search Words

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    Default Stop Google Highlighting Search Words

    Is there a way to stop Google searches from highlighting searched words. This is not the highlight function from the Google toolbar but seems to come from Google itself and it detracts from the site appearance. For example if you do a Google search on "prince2 training codarra" and then link to the site all of the search words are highlighted and seem to impact on the page layout - and it simply unwanted.....any thoughts?


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    If in fact you type in certain Search Terms and then view the results to that Search, when linking directly to the actual web page that was indicated in those results, you will not see any re-formatting of styles applied to your actual web page: what you are describing is the search terms being highlighgted on the SE "Cached Page" that is referenced during the last bot visit, and to which a supporting "view" is possible to reference the Search you originally typed in.

    Search Engines do not have the ability to change or re-format any web page proper, only their own cached/indexed/saved snapshot version of that page, and this includes Google's Chrome browser (or any other browser): they will only display whatever is typed into it to find and render -- they do not have any other abilities with regard to changing display of any web page as coded.

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