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Thread: Please review and tell it like it is!

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    Default Please review and tell it like it is!

    My site is Soholaunch built and named I have had the site up for 3 or 4 years. started with stores on line and switched to Voda.
    I had it ranked 2 with Google and at one time it was front page on Yahoo and page 2 on Google. It was hacked a while back and I had to start over. Now I can't seem to get it to show with any of my key words.
    It shows up by site name, it shows as good SEO, and I think it shows as ranked 1 or 2 with google but doesn't show up for key word searches.

    Need some advise.

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    Default Re: Please review and tell it like it is!

    Hi there,
    Site looks clean and easy to read.
    About your home page title: self defence products. Why not listing a few? Something like that:
    Self Defence Products - stun guns, pepper spray and more.


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