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Thread: pages not showing when published

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    Question pages not showing when published

    hi. I already have a site which is live on the web. I have been wanting to update and change it. i have tried to publish one of the pages of the new site (unconnected to the old one)but although i am told 'published successfully' i cannot find it on the web - not even if i put the complete page address in the url. what have i done wrong? i do so want to replace the original, but i cannot even get one page to be seen. i have put pages into public html folder, i have named pages with lower case, i have even emailed the support centre who told me to look at the tutorials
    my site is (the live one AND the one waiting to replace it).
    i am beginning to feel a tad desperate! Help please x x x x x x x x

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    Default Re: pages not showing when published

    Are you publishing .php pages but searching for .html pages?
    By default, .html index pages will be viewed.
    To fix this problem you will have to manually delete all old .html pages.
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