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Thread: Repoint domain name to new IP address/Advanced DNS Zone Editor gone from CPanel!

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    Smile Repoint domain name to new IP address/Advanced DNS Zone Editor gone from CPanel!

    Hi - I purchased my domain name and designed/set up my old website through Vodahost ages ago - the IP address began with 74. I have now developed a new website (not through Vodahost) and Vodahost is still to be my host. The new website IP address begins with 199 but I am having trouble with 'repointing' and believe that is what I need to do to get the site showing live.
    I successfully amended the 'A record' for the domain name from the old 74 number to the new 199 number within the Advanced DNS Editor in the Control panel and my new website showed up perfectly for a while.

    Recently however my new website has disappeared and my old site is showing up again. I went back into my control panel to re-change the A record but the Advanced DNS Editor where I changed it before has disappeared from my control panel! I submitted a support ticket asking for the change to be made and enquiring about the missing Advanced DNS Zone Editor but got a response which unfortunately did not address the situation and the requested repointing was not done.

    If anyone has any ideas so that I can get my new site back up live I would be very grateful indeed! I am not a 'techy' so I am finding this quite hard! Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Repoint domain name to new IP address/Advanced DNS Zone Editor gone from CPanel!

    The server names are managed through your registrar's control panel.
    If you have purchased the domain name elsewhere, you need to go in there an change the DNS (domain name servers) to point to the ones of your VH account.

    If purchased through VH, go in your VodaHost Billing Services control panel, and set the correct DNS for the specific domain name.
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