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Thread: Designe issue :I got a problem

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    Smile Designe issue :I got a problem

    I would like to make my table or something place at the middle of the page but, I cannot .when I preview in my browser it always be the right or left I don't know how to make it done or I must set a value of the page before ?
    The second How can I make the length of the page more then the default setting when I open this software at the first time?
    because,my website will be long page website.please ,help me I will appreciated it.

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    For the length of your page just click right on the page and select properties. You'll see the width and length of the page there. Then you can change it.
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    Publish your page and then post the URL here so people can see the problem. To get help people must see what is happening.

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    You can control length, width, background colors, center every which way you can and much more, everything regarding how the page displays by going to blank area of the page, right click you mouse and choose 'page properties' Click the buttons on across the top of this and see all the things you can do with this thing. Make it your friend when designing a page.

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