I hope this is where I should post this.
I am having a problem getting my site listed back up in the search engines and need some advise. I have posted in site review a couple of times but haven't got any helpful responses that would increase my ranking. I did get one response and followed the suggestion which dropped my SEO by 11 % so I will change that back as it was.
Google says I have 18 not found pages and 6 restricted by robots.text. I don't know where they are finding them but they don't show on the site.
I noticed today that there has been a big change in my cpanel. The top section has turned into adds for services offered by Voda host for a price but I don't think that is the problem with not getting better placement in the search engines.
Could someone please take a look at http://www.safersecurityproducts.com and give me some advice.
Since having to rebuild the site I have dropped from page one or two down to page 10 on yahoo and can't be found on google except by the site name.