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    I have created a survey page and works and goes to success page.

    But any other forms i have tried to create i.e. contact us, business contact, etc - created it is ok but when i click on send it always goes back to that page.php, example i created a contact and contactus php page, have the success and errors created and linked, but on both occasions when i publish it and then click on send it simple goes back to the respective php page and doesn't send information data. I am not sure what the problem is or what i am doing wrong. I have deleted the php pages in ftp a few times and republished and that doesn't work. I hope its something simple, please advise.


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    I forgot to add my site just starting to create...

    if you click on contact us then it goes to a page and once you click send it goes to error page and it shows as the contact.php page in the address bar....

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    I just created a test submission successfully and received this page: if you do not receive it in your email you may have to change your success and error pages to have the .php extension.

    The error page does show up as the contactus.php page as you stated, if your settings are correct in your form data and you do sucessfully get the information to your email then no harm no foul if it shows up as your contact page as suppose to your error page. Furthermore, as stated I am getting the error just not the page which means I must resubmit the information. I am glad it takes me back to the contact page so that I can correct my error. Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

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    If I fill in an email address, your form submits fine. If I DON'T fill in an email address, it displays the error page

    The error page displays (whilst in the browser address bar still appears "contactus.php") because the script is designed so that if an error occurs, the error page is "loaded" inside the contact page itself and displays the error.

    Now, how it behaves, it makes me think that you have somehow mistaken YOUR email address in the Fprm Processor properties. Please check it.

    Also, it is enaough that you add the text


    anywhere in your error page (and, of course, re-publish it) so that when an error occurs, the eror page will display the REAL error and not a generic error message as it does now. ##error## is replaced (when an error occurs) with the actual error message.

    Sucess and error pages can be either .php or .html, it is not important for the form processor.
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