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Thread: Please review my website

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    Default Please review my website


    I have been working on my website for over 2 years now and it has changed designs twice now but I still think there must be ways that I can improve it further. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    My websites url is

    Gary Hunter

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    So its a fan site for buses? I am missing the "point" of the site, is it merely for entertainment? Like a hobby? I see you have many nice photos of buses and trains and I like the layout. Some of the borders are bulky in my opinion but it doesnt take too much away from the overall feel of the site. I like the color scheme and I think you did a good job with contrast for the most part. Other then that I am unsure what else to comment on.

    Hope this helps.


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    Done a lot of work on this one! For this type of info, i think i would of used a data base. 1. for ease of looking something up, 2. ease of transferring to another format (IE: xl) in just a few seconds & ease of back up.
    Pages are a little wide at 1097 & creating side scroll.
    Not sure if i am seeing it right? But it seems like your not using the page property's to centre the pages & this might give problems for some visitors.

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    Your website looks beautiful. Get some ideas from I observed this website closely. It ranks well on search engines and acquired PR 5 withing 3 months. So i feel its a great website and you should follow it.

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    Nice website.

    I agree with an earlier reply.

    You would benefit from centering yourt pages in page properties.

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